Russell Mamorsky, LMT, RYT, Rev.
Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Companion

My personal intention as a professional bodyworker, yoga teacher and spiritual companion is to provide for you not simply a therapeutic, healing service but indeed an experience- a journey into the depths of your own body, psyche and soul. Whether through the highly attuned and intuitively directed guidance of my hands and energy in a bodywork session or in facilitating a yoga-based postural and devotional practice, be assured that my intention is always to strive towards the highest good for all and in the most ethical and inclusive way possible. 

A massage therapist's style is as unique as their fingerprint, and every therapist has a distinct and organic sense of touch, pressure, rhythm, healing philosophy, breadth of experience, etc. The same is also true of a yoga teacher. My own style and general orientation as a healer has evolved greatly over 20 years of professional practice as a massage therapist and 10 plus years of teaching yoga. Whenever I come to a new divergent place- or that liminal space between former and future selves- I tend to celebrate by christening my practice with a new name, one more appropriately befitting of where and how I experience myself in this ever-unfolding moment.

Enter: HEAVY METTA, the current state of my bodywork, yoga and spiritual companioning practice as it integrates seamlessly with the evolution of my artistic vision and creations. A significant step in this direction was the 2019 completion of a two year interspiritual seminary program and ordination as an interspiritual minister in immediate tandem with a move from South Florida to Seattle, WA. With well over four thousand hours of studies in my various disciplines of healing and spiritual pursuits and a constant supply of workshops in new techniques, trends, modalities and perspectives, I offer my services with profound gratitude to people from all walks of life, however they present or identify themselves.

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